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As technology becomes more intellegent, can it replace parenting?

Created: March 28th, 2017


Problem Statement:

As technology becomes more intelligent, would technology replace parenting? Given the cheapening of sensors and actuators, normal everyday objects can become animated and connected object. In this video, we explore what it means for technology to make parenting easier by helping us avoid awkward conversations that are so critical to raising a child.

As new generations of children are coming online and leaving permanent digital footprints at an earlier age, parents need to have internet security conversation with their kids before the birds and the bees conversation. Sadly, many parents are poorly equipped to handle this kind of conversation because the internet landscape changes so rapidly. Instead of constantly monitoring your child's internet usage, which is also a breach of your child's privacy, Fuzzy acts as an internet nanny that helps raise your child safely in the digital age.



Fuzzy is a teddy bear that will animate to reward and discipline your child for you based off their internet browsing activity and history. If a child is to search for educational content on the web, Fuzzy would reward your child and be happy. But if a child is to search for violent, pornographic, or inappropriate contents on the web, Fuzzy will get angry and act aggressively through its connection with other home smart devices. By using Fuzzy, your child maintains their internet privacy, and you can feel safe about your child's internet usage, thereby eliminating the need for many awkward conversation. Because the internet landscape changes so rapidly, experts in both child development and cybersecurity will constantly update Fuzzy's firmware to ensure best child rearing experience possible.



Because we can't actually fabricate Fuzzy and Fuzzy's software we made a concept video. Animations were made in After Effects to animate the Fuzzy to give to its facial expression.

Fuzzy the Parental Advisory Bear
Brian Yang - https://youtu.be/rOl_l2agYr4
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As technology becomes more intellegent, can it replace parenting?