Giver Realization

Made by Eric Wang

Created: November 17th, 2014


Voice Processing: I did a lot of changes in EQ as the original recording seemed really dull because of the lower and higher frequencies weren't pronounced and only the middle frequencies were emphasized. So I brought up the side frequencies a lot while keeping the middle low. There were also certain fades, and numerous volume changes throughout the reading that were used as emphasis.

Loops: The two main loops I used is the piano background and a fireplace. Since the setting of the conversation takes place between 2 people in secrecy. I imagined it as a dark room with a fireplace, with both of them setting on chairs facing each other. Therefore I tried to convey that setting to the listener. There were occasional wind from the outside to bring out the eerie feeling, and a couple different string pieces to show intensification when the main character is realizing all these new things.

Beginning: I let the setting play out first, to immerse the audience before the actual reading starts. This helps out the mood a lot.