Green Eggs and Ham and Music

By Dr. Seuss

Made by asdfadfa

Created: November 17th, 2014


Artisitic Thoughts: Considering that Green Eggs and Ham is a constant back and forth dialogue between Sam and the other person who refuses to eat them, I decided to start by creating themes for each of them, where Sam's theme was upbeat and the other's theme was slow and more kind of  overly melodramatic. I did that intentionally as he is making an unnecessarily big deal about not eating green eggs and ham. These were played under the opening lines, but I realized that things would get stale pretty quickly, so after a few repetitions of that formula I started adding in coloring effects. A bass drum hit after the angry guy's ranting for emphasis or extra sound effects to accentuate where Green Eggs and Ham may or may not be eaten. A car horn for a car, birds chirping for a tree, and a train crossing for a train. In addition, after about a minute as the angry man's rants started getting longer I added an additional beat underneath the background music to keep it a little fresher.

Loops: The initial themes for both characters were each one Logic loop, although later I accentuated the angry man's theme with additional beat. All of the other sound effects were found within Logic as well, the birds, the train, the car, and the bass drum thud.

Beginning: I wanted to jump into my reading fairly quickly, so I made a simple beginning one bar where a string section crescendo's into Sam's introduction. This isn't a piece of music so I did not want to focus too heavily on that aspect of things.