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Created: September 29th, 2015


Hackaball: A programmable ball for kids, that works on a series of 'if-this-then-that' style commands.


"You could say that its a computer that you could throw"

Hackaball is an interactive ball which prompts children to go outside and play, to keep active and healthy. Through its programmable nature, kids can exercise their creativity by making up games and having the ball react to certain inputs a certain way (lights up, vibrates, changes colour...etc). This ball does not only make kids think, but it also gives children a simple base understanding of coding.

I think that this project is really inspiring and interesting since it is not only 'cool' but also educational in a very unique way. 


Hyperalarm: A snooze-proof alarm clock, a smart alarm for heavy sleepers

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"The two most important factors to waking up are light and motion, so the idea is that by making you get up and moving—ideally into a room more well-lit than your bedroom—Hyperalarm can help even the heaviest sleeper wake up."

Hyperalarm is armed with a series of random, high varied frequencies, and can only be turned off by the user physically getting up and moving it away x distance (they can set the distance on their mobile app) away from their phone. Hyperalarm emits several interwoven pitches to prevent your brain from becoming familiar with any one in particular, so it is "impossible to ignore".

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Delqa is an installation that invites the audience to participate in a collaborative experience by going inside the music of Matthew Dear. It explores emerging modes of artistic expression and celebrates the latest advances in interactive technology.

Artists, designers, and developers from the New Museum's New Inc incubator program came together to bring Matthew Dear's music to life by building a dynamic and immersive environment that blurs the line between creator and audience.

Microsoft’s Kinect technology will allow visitors to manipulate their surroundings as they explore an ever-evolving world. Both the visuals and the music will respond intuitively to audience movements and interactions.

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