Sponge holder

Made by Kami Chin

Created: December 8th, 2017



The goal of this project is to create a holder in Fusion 360 and 3D print it with the NVBots printer. I created a hanging holder that I intend to use as a kitchen sponge container, but it is pretty versatile and can really be used to hold anything!



In my kitchen I notice that the sponges and area around the sink get really gross quickly because we don't have a place to put the sponge where it can dry and prevent all surrounding area to get soaked. I started this project by seeing what kinds of kitchen sponge holders there are and what design I like the best. I chose to try to recreate a holder that hangs off of the faucet, letting the sponge hang in the sink to drip. 


Process + Procedure

I used Fusion360 to create a 3D model of what I wanted my holder to look like. I created the box part of the holder by extruding a rectangle and shelling it, then cutting out parts at the bottom which would allow water to drip out, and holes where the connecting piece would go. To create the piece that would hold the box off of the faucet, I used the pipe tool. Then, I sent the STL file to the printing queue and let the printer do the rest!



My final product is a 2-part holder. One part is the holder itself, which is a box that has holes at the bottom for water to drip out. The second part is a hanger that goes around the faucet. 



In my 3D model on Fusion, I made the hole on the box and the connecting piece's stopper the exact same diameter, so that the piece could fit into the hole exactly. Once it was printed, it was really hard to fit the hanger piece into the hole because I made the dimensions exactly the same. If I had made the hanging piece stopper slightly smaller, it would have been a lot easier to fit. I also could have made my holder thinner, as it looks a bit clunky for its purpose of holding something as lightweight as a sponge. 


Collaboration or Attribution

Thank you to my digiTool professor, Louise, who taught me how to make a 3D design and use the 3D printer. Also thank you to CMU IDeATe program that provides the necessary materials and equipment for me to make projects such as this.  

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