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The goal of this project was to create a portable stand for my phone that fit the dimensions of the case on it and allowed it to stand in both orientations.

Created: March 3rd, 2018



The goal of this project was to create a holder for my iPhone that could allow it to rest in both a horizontal and vertical orientation. My phone has a case on the back that used to have a kick stand that allowed it to stand, but it broke off, and I needed a new holder. However, when looking at current stands, I realized many wouldn't support by phone, as it has an additional 5-6 mm in width from the case. I also wanted the stand to be portable and foldable, which influenced the creation of my design.


Aesthetic + Inspiration

Practicality influenced my design the most; I wanted it to be easy to carry around with specific dimensions for my phone. Aesthetically, the patterns on the outside were inspired by Japanese prints and minimalistic designs involving simple geometry like lines and circles. 


Process + Procedure

The first prototype I made on Fusion, I attempted to create a hinge mechanism for my phone stand. However, I wasn't sure how the parts would connect, or how sturdy it would be. For my second prototype, I first made a version out of illustration board, which allowed me to physically see and edit the dimensions that would stand.