"How did you feel" Device

Made by zislamha

A device to help record and augment emotional memory of a person moment-by-moment based on their own thoughts or what is occurring around them

Created: January 31st, 2017



I feel that we are getting too bogged down in recording every minutia of data and information that comes our way for our posterity, and some have become obsessed with recording everything that happens in their life.  However, after all of this data has been recorded, what do you do with it?  Do you really [have the time] to sit down and go back to see everything that has happened to you?

Through this project, I aim to design a device that tackles a key factor of our memory that we often overlook: how we feel.  We may be able to remember where we were, what we were doing and when at any point in time, but we have almost know way of really remembering how we felt at a given point in time.  Why not create a device that makes it easier for people to record how they are feeling throughout their day, and be able to then look back on those feelings to see one's internal/emotional progression.  The great thing about remembering something is not being able to recount the event and its every little detail- the greatness comes from the feeling/emotion that we have when we remember that moment and all those feelings associated with it.  So why not catalogue these emotions we feel and then be able to look at what once made us happy, sad, scared, anxious, and excited in our lives.  It is these feelings we remember in our memory that people truly long for.  

The device would be a wearable for easy on-the-go documentation of moods and emotions, with  optional inclusion of audio, so one can narrate the feeling that is happening, or be able to attach a sound that tis occurring around them to remember the noise and the feelings felt when listening to it.  The feelings felt can than all be compiled, saved, and displayed on a device/object so one can see how one has felt, and be able to look at the feelings' details as well. This takes inspiration from my research with music and memory with dementia/Alzheimers research as well, as someone could record their feelings and noises they have felt throughout their lives and be able to look back on specific feelings and sounds to re-trigger those connections in the brain.  



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A device to help record and augment emotional memory of a person moment-by-moment based on their own thoughts or what is occurring around them