How to Make it in Macro

Without Really Trying

Made by Brian Walsh

Created: November 17th, 2014


For my looping assignment, I chose to just use my audacity environment, as I was unsure if my audio files fit with any loops at all. I chose to just loop a student who was singing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying during class, and use a pop in the mic as an advantage to accompany the loop.


Artistic Thoughts: Considering that my recording of class displayed no dominant theme, I was unhappy with this project because I felt that there was very little that was lyrical in my recordings.

I thought that the slight pickup of a student singing was very good to take advantage of.

Loops: I created a loop from the pop in the mic and the student's singing.

Beginning: I began with the typical fade-in, then added a click on the second loop.

Form: This is a simple loop with a click every third-note of the track.