insta bowl

Made by Emily deGrandpre

A bowl/plate that captures a series of photos of your face when you eat what's in it. The embedded technology allows for "food" eats (you) first instead of our "phones eating first". I aim to subvert foodie culture and the desire to post pictures of our food on social media. This media capture could serve as a space for reflection and mindful eating. Do we capture our food to truly remember it or to show others? When is eating considered a highlight? What memories of consumption should we store?

Created: February 9th, 2019



Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

I was initially interested in sleep and how we can interface and explore creatively at the boundary between wakefulness and rest. The daily habit of sleeping (or not sleeping) led me to think about some of the other things we do every single day (perhaps the mundane) and how they can become augmented for various reasons and purposes. I hope that investigating these types of activities, can create magical and extraordinary experiences. Through my case study on food, I was lead towards thinking about how our food culture has changed as a result of increasingly ubiquitous smartphones with cameras. There are various desires (or lack there of) that we have to post on social media and share with the world what we might be up to in a given moment. This space of capturing (either photo, video, audio) or even screen capping text or images is an interesting space for reflection. My goal with the "insta bowl" was to create the inverse of what we normally see when we think of pictures and food. Instead of a beautiful meal or a posed cheers, glass clink, boomerang, it's about the bowl providing you with a new way of seeing yourself during a time of temporary and repeated engagement. I made this specific kind of bowl because it was a straightforward concept to me which I knew I could execute and it was easy to make use of materials which were readily available. My motivations were primarily to question what kind of output could be generated through making this type of artifact and what perspectives could be gather from the artifact and further investigated.



Describe your experience/working prototype: What did you create, how, etc.? What tools and technologies were involved? Include appropriate content and illustration (e.g. a concept video, a video of the device in operation, diagrams, code, etc.)

It's a simple bowl with a chamber at the bottom to separate the food stuffs from the tech.

Tools: laser cutter, solder, copy & paste, lots of testing

Here's the view of the running demo code!