Intelligent Classroom

Made by Hao Wang

Let students put forward their questions without interrupting teachers.

Created: September 30th, 2015


I used the knowledge in computer vision to improve the in-class teaching. In traditional classes, teacher can be interrupted many times in class to answer students’ questions. However, not every student is so active. To those students who are not active, they might be too shame to ask questions in class. It is very possible that they forgot their questions after class. In that case, it is bad to their study process. Even though many students get their questions solved by putting forward in class, it might still have bad effect to the whole teaching process. It not only influenced other students’ learning process, but also influenced the teacher’s arrange of teaching. The overwhelm in this part can make teachers focus less in other parts of the class.

The intelligent classroom is shown in figure 1.


From the picture, we can know that there are two cameras in the classroom. They are used separately to record the eyesight of students and teachers. Camera 2 is used to record the whole class and upload it to a platform for students to review. Camera 1 captures each student’s eyesight, for the simple reason that student’s eyesight reflects their mind. If most student focused on the teacher or the screen, it means that they are attracted by the course, and their mind is quite clear. Just like the situation in figure 2.

In this way, the teacher’s way of teaching is correct, otherwise, students cannot be so attracted by the class. And it means that students understand the class well, otherwise, they can easily be distracted.

In figure 3, we can easily see that students are not so focused on the class. They look at different places, it means that either the teacher is very boring, or the class is very boring, or they cannot understand the course well. So teachers should change their way of teaching. Besides, the teacher should overwhelm in this part or even teach it again in the recitation in order to let students learn it better.

The analysis of students’ eyesight is not done manually, instead, the system can use an algorithm to give the result to teachers, so that they can easily know their problem in teaching and students’ questions without spending extra time on it.

So we can see, thanks to this intelligent classroom system, it can help students put forward their question with interrupting the teacher, and the teacher can know students’ problem easily and modify the way of teaching and content in the recitation.

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Let students put forward their questions without interrupting teachers.