Intelligent Dog Crate

Made by John Soh

The dog crate latch must be locked every time the dog is crated, or he might get out and hurt himself in an accident. Intelligent Dog Crate will let the owner know if he/she has stepped away from the crate without locking it.

Created: January 29th, 2016


Note: No dog or any other animals were harmed during the development and testing of this project.



Every time the house is empty, our dog Sherlock is put in his crate for his safety and our piece of mind. However, there have been occasions where he was put in the crate but the crate was not locked, leading to us coming home to Sherlock exploring the empty house. This multi-sensor IoT will sense that Sherlock is in the crate, that theres no one near the crate, and that the latch lock is not locked, which makes it send out an alert to our phones


The IoT has to do two things with 3 sensors and 1 LED.

1. If the dog is in the crate,  there is someone in front of the crate, and the latch is locked the LED lights up to notify that the latch has been locked. 

2. If the dog is in the crate, there is NO ONE in front of the crate, and the latch is NOT LOCKED, the IoT publishes an event which sends a notification to the smartphone.