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Research 2 projects that incorporate ideas from our final project.

Created: November 30th, 2015



NO_THING is an "infrared light framework that turns (almost) anything into a device". It was made by the Innovation Lab of Milla & Partner GmbH which is a German interaction and spatial design agency. It turns physical objects into interactive displays. It uses proximity related point and click gestures as well as drag and drop or spatial ones. I chose this project because of the interaction between the user and the environment. I really like how you can lift of a piece of paper to select something on a wall in front of you, or create buildings from the ground up on your floor. It's like a big-scale augmented reality device. They did really well with eliminating as much technology as possible. Their mission was to create a "smart-space" without having to lug around too much hardware. They did this well by utilizing light and something called an "OptiTrack IR camera". One practical use I see for this would be replacing screens like in futuristic movies.

SITE: http://www.creativeapplications.net/openframeworks/no_thing/ 

VIDEO: https://11-lvl3-pdl.vimeocdn.com/01/4485/4/122426839/352600541.mp4?expires=1448922374&token=07fe99fd8f25a999bb3b5


Ink Space

Zach Lieberman created a 3D drawing tool that uses a phone's accelerometer to manipulate drawings in 3D. I chose this project because it really emphasizes the 'play' in the project. It promotes creativity that virtually everyone with a smartphone would have access too. It could be used a serious tool for someone's work, or as just a playful one where one would just doodle. Because it's a drawing tool, it leaves the product up to the user and it literally adds another dimension to what's available currently like other doodle app. This is an app that I would definitely get. I think right now however it's just for android devices (although I think someone ported it to iOS) and there's not too much one could do with this yet. It allows one to draw in space and create gifs with the record feature, as well as draw on top of backgrounds from pictures (I believe), but I don't think you can draw in any other color than white and have a different background color other than black. And I don't think you can save these images to some format that allows you to utilize the accelerometer when viewing the images. But these are more features I feel Zach can easily add which I feel will bring out even more potential for this project.

SITE: http://www.creativeapplications.net/android/ink-space-experimental-drawing-tool-and-rhonda-tribute/

ink space app demo (android experiments)
Zach Lieberman - https://youtu.be/cufd7XnG4A8
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Research 2 projects that incorporate ideas from our final project.