I wanted to turn a bad situation into something funny

Created: November 8th, 2015



Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

I remembered reading the story about a blind student being bullied and defended by his friend. I then thought that turning something like this, which the media portrays as a moment of heroism and a call for a stop to bullying, into a comedic moment was much more entertaining. Incidents like those portrayed in my final piece are funny because of the instant karma. Highlighting those moments with slow-motion an audio seemed to make the moments funnier. 



I made a short video that is a compilation of four of the most popular videos of people retaliating against their bullies. 
Bullies gets punched
Miss Alii - https://youtu.be/_AUP7by93oI


What informed your outcome? Situate your outcome relative to other work.

I always enjoy watching comedic Vines. The Vines that are the most popular ones are comedic ones that dramatize everyday moments. I noticed that it was pretty common for Viners to emphasize these moments with short clips of music or audio from popular videos. In my opinion, nothing is more entertaining than instant karma. When we see bullies getting beat up because they picked on the wrong kid, we revel in the sense of instantaneous justice. Dramatizing these moments like Vines do for everyday moments are simply entertaining for me.

Watching you parents fall In slow motion vine
AllAboutDemVines Jones - https://youtu.be/dUM9MXBZn1c
MelvinGregg When you get curved with "So what you bout to do?"
VineVineBest - https://youtu.be/I87PvsqhGpg


Describe how you arrived out the outcome. Show iterations and refinements. Document design decisions and challenges encountered.

1.) I searched YouTube for some of the most popular videos of "Bullies getting KO'd", "Bullies getting dropped", and "Bullies KO'd in news". I also looked for a clear solo recording of Ave Maria by Schubert. 

2.) I then used VideoGrabby.com to download the videos onto my computer, as well as the audio of Ave Maria.

3.) Using Adobe Premier, I cut sections of each videos and slowed down the moments where the bully gets knocked to the ground. The audio at those moments were deleted and replaced with a clip of the audio from Ave Maria.



What does your inner critic say about this work? What did you learn? What would you do differently? 

I had to teach myself how to sync up the music to the visuals, and it was fun to be able to use premier to make a product. I have a few things I would have liked to do:

1.) Create a title card.

2.) Make transitions

3.) Fix the brightness and clarity of some videos 

4.) Time some sections where Ave Maria comes in better.

5.) Find an appropriate mix of songs, one for each KO

I would have liked to add more videos and shorten some others. I did not really like how I shortened the vendor video, but it was pretty long compared to the others so I had to do it. It ruins the consistency of the other videos.



Reference any sources or materials used in the documentation or composition.

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I wanted to turn a bad situation into something funny