King Lear Beat

Made by Tonya Sedgwick

Created: November 17th, 2014


My objective in this piece was to create a spooky sound around some of the weirder lines from Lear's monologue. In order to do this, I utilized sound effects (the wolf howling and thunder), and of course supporting musical loops. I could not hear formants in my voice, but found that I needed to adjust the volume or it would be drowned out by the music. I tried several different beats to use as an undercurrent before I found one that worked. It was very fun to work out where each sound should happen, so that it sounded good. I had my friend listen to it when I was in the middle to get some feedback. It was very difficult to figure out where to play the thunder sound effect, because of the way that effect file works (it is quiet for a split second before it thunders, and I was trying to line up the thunder sound with certain places in the musical loops). I had to zoom way in to do that. The loops create beats that are supposed to add urgency and represent Lear's anger and woe (in this part of the play, he is speaking to the storm about how his daughters have abandoned him after he's literally given them his kingdom). I have tried to create an expanding register at the beginning of my piece using both music and sound effects/voice.