Knitting Skill Investigation

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Knitting Sample

Created: October 6th, 2018



The project is intended to experience and practice hand knit in person and to accumulate knowledge in this area of soft fabrication. The goal is to successfully create a working sample. I decided to knit because I wish to knit a scarf as a present for my grandmother.



I learned the basic steps of knitting in class but still I was not familiar enough to start my project. Therefore, I searched on youtube and followed the tutorial under this link: It is very straightforward and definitely cleared my confusions in class. Next time I may want to use yarn balls with greater width as it may significantly speed up the process compared to think yarn balls. In the future I may also want to try knitting different materials together, for instance, linen and wool as I think they may be an interesting match together.



A knitting sample.

Img 4789Img 4790Img 4793Img 4810



Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently?


Sample Book

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Knitting Sample