Li 2

Made by ssidique

Created: September 6th, 2016



HR Giger is a surreal artist that explores the concept of "biomechanical" relationships. He explores the idea of integrating machinery with the biological, often to bizarre and unsettling results.



Li II is a portrait of his lover, Li Tobler, in HR Giger's own style. It portrays  a woman integrated with machine. HR Giger's love for Tobler portrays itself in a sexual nature through the painting. Creatures off to the side are shown to have exposed genitalia, and Li is seen to be cold and mechanical.



I wanted to focus on the nature of machinery and biological beings. In particular, I felt that using sound, I can show the distortion of recognizable audio into something that would be mechanical. In addition, I wanted to focus on the sexual aspect prevalent in all of Giger's works. I thought that sound would be a great medium to explore man and machine.



I used FL Studio with sounds obtained on as well as synths that I owned. In particular, I used voices of females, to represent Li Tobler herself. I then distorted the audio to represent the change from having something organic turn into machine. Using a bitcrusher, I was able to turn the woman's voice into something almost mechanical.



I feel like I captured the essence of HR Giger well. If HR Giger was exploring sound design instead of painting, I could imagine him exploring the distortion of audio.

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