Puff Off

Made by Arnita Saini

Create an engaging experience for kids as they interact with the Light wall at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Knoxville

Created: November 7th, 2016


Project brief

The project brief was to create an interactive experience augmenting the capabilities of this light wall installation at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Knoxville. 

The installation shimmers lights in playful aesthetic patterns on the front facade of the library building.

Context Setting

Children of Knoxville and adjacent neighborhoods often visit the library during their evening hours after school. It is a time where study meets play for these kids, and they all engage in craft, reading, doing homework, solving puzzles and anything that catches their cursory attention. 

Concept Inspiration

With a goal to create a simple engaging experience for these kids, I took inspiration from the act of blowing off candles on a birthday cake.