Lydia's Second Project

Made by Lydia Jin

Created: October 9th, 2017



When thinking about this project, my roommate/best-friend asked me if I could make her a soap holder because she didn't want to buy one herself. She loves buying soaps and right now she is using a plastic food container for her soaps and I want to help replace the container with an actual functional soap holder. 



I tried to make my soap holder more functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. 



The entire design was made in Fusion360. I actually didn't design it on paper because I improvised and came up with this idea right away when my roommate suggested that she needed a soap holder. I measured her soap and designed the dimensions accordingly. At first I created a simple rectangular holder that was filleted on the edges. Then I thought about how the water needs to drain so I created holes in the middle of the holder. Then I shelled the bottom of the holder to help it air out. There are many household soap holders like this, and I got inspired by those. Then, the design was exported to the 3D printer. 



The product is 3D printed and is now functional. 



I learned that it is important to think about the function of the items you design. I think my soap holder is functional, but if I were to improve it, I will try to make it more aesthetically pleasing by adding more designs 

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