Needy Plant

Made by cathyfang

Created: November 30th, 2018


Needy Plant (proposal)

Can't seem to take care of your plants? Needy plant is the plant for you! It does not need to be watered or trimmed. All you need to do is to pet it and it will come alive. But of course, once you stop petting it, it will become sad and droopy. 


Proposal plan

As outlined in the sketch above, I would have made the plant out of felt and use muscle wires as the stems of the leaves. The leaves would be initially be droopy because of the weight of the felt. Once current goes through the muscle wire, the leaves would be pulled upwards, signaling a happy plant. Users would touch the pot, where there would be a capacitive touch sensor connected to an Arduino. Once the Arduino has received an input, it will apply more current to the muscle wire.


Process book

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