Ominous Chillout

Woofs And Clangs

Made by Abhishek Tayal

Created: November 24th, 2014


I used two samples:

1) I recorded my keys and converted them to a sample.

2) I found a sound of a dog barking and used it as a sample

Besides that, I use a bunch of loops, including one for my semi-ominous sounding beginning, one for the percussion after, and a third which is a nice electric piano riff that adds more dimensions to my sound.


For Contrast, I tried to use my Keys sample in as many ways as possible at different points. The pitch is constantly changing in each successive note. I used an arpeggiator at one point to create a sense of urgency, as if someone's keys are constantly clanging against each other as he/she is running away from something. Besides that, I tried to give my recording a sense of space by using both channels differently. Lastly, in the second section of the recording, the entire 'melody' tends to follow the percussion's pattern.


I feel like the form is an ABA. I start with the extremely urgent keys, gradually settle into a more 'chill' kind of vibe, and end with a reminder of the previous urgency.