Phone Stand

Made by Justin Cheng

Created: October 16th, 2017



Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

The project topic was "something that holds", and I wanted to make something similar that I could use everyday. After making the laptop stand in class, I got inspired to make something similar, but for smaller devices such as my phone. Thus, this project was created! I was worried because I wasn't sure if the 3D printing material was strong enough to support my phone, but I'm about to find out!



Describe what informed your ideas and your outcome? How does your outcome relate to other work in the field? What are the precedent projects?

After deciding on an idea, I immediately started to look for precedent projects and found this one on Amazon. It was small and simple, included space for a charger, and had a sleek and modern look to it that I liked. I decided to make one just like it! 



Outline your approach to the project? What ideas did you generate and how did you refine or reject them? What did you research and explore? what were the design choices? What challenges were encountered and how did you resolve them?

I immediately sketched one out a lateral outline of the phone stand and extruded it to form the basic shape. For the charger cutout under the phone, I sketched out a rectangle, extruded it towards the phone stand, and did a cut operation. The circle cutout in the back was the exact same process. Finally, I added a filet to all the edges, and came up with my final model.

I decided to make the phone stand taller than what I found on Amazon, since I didn't want to look down to much. Also, I increased the thickness because I was afraid that the 3D printed stand would be too flimsy to support my phone. 



Detail what you created. What methods or techniques did you use? What tools and technologies were involved? Include images, code or video.

Unfortunately, due to issues with the laser printer, I was unable to print my phone holder. However, here are several pictures of renderings of my phone holder, made in Fusion 360.



Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently?

I was able to apply a lot of my 3d modeling skills that I've acquired over this course, and I'm satisfied with my product! However, it was a shame that my phone holder could not be printed. As I don't have a physical object to hold and use, it's hard to say what I would do differently.

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