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To find inspiring work for my final project

Created: September 29th, 2015


This is called Infinitum, a table that encourages people to be neat and tidy. It works by having a sensor that picks up the vibrations of objects being placed on the table. Once the sensor is activated, the led lights turn on and stay on until all the objects are removed. This makes it so that users have to clear the table whenever they're done using the space. I was inspired by this student's work because it's encouraging good habits by amplifying the consequences. For example, without the magnification (infinity lights), a user might feel like a single row of lights staying on isn't a big deal. However, when it looks like 100 lights are being kept lit from their mess, the table commands more attention and more guilt for using electricity.


The team at Satellite Lab came up with a new way to explore space and time. They use a high speed cinema camera to record movement while having a light source move at over 10k feet per second. This allows them to capture the moving object's shadows from all angles while the object appears to be still in the video. I think it's extremely cool that they are able to control the light source and scene movements as independent variables. While I don't think i'd be able to get my hands on the equipment to make something like this work, I'd love to explore the idea of having lights transform our perception of an object, especially by altering the speed of the light to affect mood.


This art piece called Water Light Graffiti is inspiring to me because it uses water to activate LEDs in a pattern. It's interactive and fun to play with even though usually water and electricity don't mix well. I really like the idea of having a touch activated interface that activates lights in a pattern. I also like how even though it's called "graffiti", none of the images created by the lights are permanent, and will fade once the connection is lost. Hopefully I'll be able to combine something like this with mirrors, and explore self-perception through interactive play.

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To find inspiring work for my final project