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Precedence research on interactive products

Created: September 29th, 2015



Overall the projects I ended up selecting involve expressive interactions. I'm interested products that are able to emote and have a personality to them.  

Addicted products: The story of Brad the Toaster
Simone Rebaudengo -

Addicted Products

This speculative research project explores the relationship between connected products and the owners. What happens when objects have agency and aware the interactions between you and the rest of your household objects? Do they become jealous? Do they behave harmoniously with other objects?

I find this project interesting because it examines our relationship between everyday objects and how that dynamic might change once they are given agency.

Expressive Wearable SXSW 2015 Trailer
Sangli -

Expressive Wearable

Expressive wearable is an art project where the wearable communicates the wearer's attitude by sensing the environment. I find this project to be interesting because the wearable becomes an extension of the person and provokes social conventions by emoting expressive motions that reflect human behaviors.

Clyde: An Expressive Lamp for Creative Homes (from Fabule Fabrications)
metamanda -

Clyde: An Expressive Lamp for Creative Homes

Clyde is a Kickstarter project that is customizable to be as expressive as the owner wants it to be. You can customize the lighting, bend the legs, and even program behaviors to respond to different environments. I find this project to be interesting because it allows people expressive their creativity through the lamp and the design of the lamp makes it look playful and expressive.

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Precedence research on interactive products