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Created: September 29th, 2015

Philips Wake up light
fredrikkomplett -

Phillips Hue Wake-Up Lights

I think as college students, we want to do as best as we can in school but sometimes that comes at the expense of sleep. One product that I was particularly interested in is the Philips Hue Wake Up Lights. Currently, the wake up light gradually wakes you up by replicating the morning sun light.  This product has the potential of being something amazing when it comes to sleep if minor tweaks to make it more an intuitive process for the user. By looking into sleep research and combining Machine Learning, I can cater the product to a specific user making sure sleep is at the core of everyones day.   

IPads, Computers, and TV Before Bed? - Blue Light, Melatonin and Child Sleep
Dana Obleman -

Blue Light and M
elatonin Levels Relating to Sleep  

The research into sleep therapy is taking off in recent years. In particular, more research is dedicated into to finding out how blue light affects sleep patterns. It turns out that perhaps the single biggest contributor to our collective sleep problems, is the use of artificial lighting and electronics at night. These devices emit light of a blue wavelength, which tricks our brains into thinking that it is daytime . Numerous studies suggest that blue light in the evening disrupts the brain’s natural sleep-wake cycles, which are crucial for optimal function of the body . If by using technology, we can lower the level of electronic light or filter it out someway, sleep can be the best part of everyones day. This matters because more and more people are loosing sleep due to late nights in front of computers and they have no idea how badly this is affecting their sleep and mood patters through out the day.

This specific example in this study used a Inferred red camera connected to sensor wristband that records sleep positions during the night. This shows the sleep pattern of a user and the data is able to be used to create a mroe flexible sleep schedule pattern for the user.

True Wood Design - Custom Wood Lighting - Alien Lights
True Wood Design, Inc. Custom Woodworking -

Wood Lighting Design

This is an interesting way of doing lighting. Typically you wouldn't expect wood to be a container of light but the way this is designed makes it look nice and beautiful. The texture and elegance of the wood makes the light look seamless and unobtrusive. This might be very useful for decorations within the kitchen and other places that wood typically fits pretty well. 

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