Printed Surgery

Made by Teddy Lee

Created: November 25th, 2014


This was really late, but I wanted to use a 3D printer as my sample and I ended up using a synth as the melody, with the samples in the back as a background track. I wanted to make a track that emulated the urgency of surgery show music, as well as had a futuristic, robotic aspect to it as well, thus I decided I would only record mechanical sounds. I encountered some clipping problems when I sliced my sample, and I made some parts sound a little cut off, but I think it turned out all right and I decided to use one of the cut off samples as small percussive noises in the backgorund. I made two instruments for this, one with the oscillating sound from when the printer is going in circles and the steppers are changing frequency, and one from the entire track, which I broke into sections and made another instrument playing each section. I used the single sample with the oscillation and used it as an entire zone in my instrument so I could use it as the small "plinking" notes that are constantly in the background. I chose to use the right pitch and tempo version I decided since I didn't have much time, I would just go with a simple AB format, and from the book, I decided to use decrescendo as my concept and tried to fade the parts out one by one then seemingly shut the off using a clicking sample faded out.

link to logic file: