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Using an image to depict my personality rather than my face

Created: September 18th, 2015


For this assignment I have decided to change my profile picture to something that represents who I am on the inside rather than on the outside. Choosing an image that would be able to do so was a bit challenging as I wanted to capture multiple characteristics.

I chose this particular image because it is based on geometric shapes, mostly black/grey which is my favorite color, and simplistic. It is very mathematical yet somewhat artistic.

I don't expect to get many "reactions"(if any at all) from changing my picture, but it was a very thought-provoking exercise. It was interesting thinking of the many messages that simply changing your profile picture or avatar on social media could convey.

For reference, my previous picture is attached (a product of a late night google hangout with a friend)



I went into this thinking that changing my profile picture to the one I did would not get much of a reaction, and I was right. Rather than going with something that was seemingly controversial, I wanted to go with something that was rather tame. If it was something controversial I think most would have figured out right away that I was joking, as I tend to be silly or 'troll' people online and in person.

Also I'm not very active so far as posting pictures of comments, I mostly just use it as a group chat platform.

That being said, I got 3 likes. They were from my high school computer science teacher, my older half-sister, and a former classmate that I haven't seen in years.

However one of my closest friends did message me directly about the change:


It seems to me that most people are accustomed to profile pictures being solely used to display their face, but for some reason if it doesn't, no one really seems to question it. I intentionally left no comment on the change to see if anyone would ask why, but from the (I'm assuming few) people that even noticed it, none did.

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Using an image to depict my personality rather than my face