Project 00 - Experiential Bridge - Dancing Notes - Eckrich

Made by Christoph Eckrich · UNLISTED (SHOWN IN POOLS)

Create a joyous experience for those passing by which integrates google technology and services.

Created: September 5th, 2018


Project Description

Dancing Notes is a reactive installation in and on the bridge between the two Bakery Square buildings. The project utilizes two separate google datasets and their associated technologies; the NSynth dataset and the Depth Image Encoding project. There are three levels of the installation, and three levels of reaction as well. On the underside of the bridge, a depth camera tracks the flow of traffic and transmits the data to a computer sitting inside the building. The Google Depth Image encoding software then processes the data and turns it into a depth-mapped/color-coded image which is broken up and displayed in a pattern through the LED light tubes suspended from the underside of the bridge. A very similar process occurs on the interior two floors – mapping the movement of people through the spaces to the light tubes strung above - but the depth perceptive cameras also have an additional function here. The carpet has been replaced by one which is custom designed to have spaces that can be read as a musical staff. These staffs intersect and shear to ensure that a simple straight walk across the space will produce a variety of notes and tones. When a worker walks through the space, each step in one of the staffs registers as a note chosen from the NSynth database and is played through the speakers set around the bridge. This allows for a relaxing, passive interaction of a few calming tones bouncing around the room when one walks through – or an individual or a group attempting to recreate a symphony by dancing around the bridge. 

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Bill of Materials:

Depth imaging/tracking cameras and software

Processing computer

Programmable led lights (roughly 600ft)

Metal stock for LED heat sink

Translucent acrylic tubing (roughly 600ft)

Acrylic binding glue

Assorted fasteners (clips for tubes, hooks for speakers, nails, screws, etc.)

Speakers, wiring, amplifier

Power supplies

Custom carpet

Tools (Saws, screwdrivers, scissors, wire cutters, drills, etc.)

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Create a joyous experience for those passing by which integrates google technology and services.