Project 00 - Google Trends

Made by Lexi Yan

This project allows google employees to know what the rest of the world is interested in and to learn more about trending topics all across the world

Created: September 5th, 2018


What is it?

This project allows anyone passing on the street or through the pedestrian bridge to get a glimpse of what the rest of the world is talking about. The default setting is the United States but users will be able to see trends from different countries as well as get more information about any topics they want to learn more about.


How does it fulfill the design requirements?

1. Integrate Google technologies or data

This project utilizes Google Trends data to relay information, in real time, on what topics are trending around the world. 

2. Create a joyous experience for those passing through

Walking through the pedestrian bridge will be visually interesting as the images rotate through and the text updates according to the data being fed by Google Trends data.

3. Allow for “passive” interaction

Even without touching anything, the Google employees will be able to look at the trending topics and corresponding images on the opposite wall. 

4. Give employees a break from work if they want it

This allows employees to learn more about the world around them or to simply just distract themselves from the work waiting to consume them back at their desks. 

5. Don’t be obtrusive for those in a hurry

No one has to interact with the bridge. They can just walk through and ignore it if they're feeling particularly grumpy that day.  

6. The installation should be experienced from both inside the tunnel and outside on the street below

A passerby on the street can view the images flashing on the glass in the bridge, though the images will be clearer after the sun sets.


User Experience

As the user walks through the space, they can passively survey the projections and move on if they so choose to. If they want to interact with the space, they can press on the text on the right to learn more about the topics or jump on a country to see what the trending topics are for that country. The images on the left will update accordingly. After a certain amount of time, the country will automatically reset to the United States. 

Data Flow Diagram


Bill of Materials

Pressure sensors (for the map)

1 Projectors for the image wall (or an LED display if that would work as well)

1 Interactive projector for the text wall 

Something to process the feedback from the map that can change the displays (preferably smaller than a computer)

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This project allows google employees to know what the rest of the world is interested in and to learn more about trending topics all across the world