Project 2

Made by rnbarret

Created: October 9th, 2017



I want to create a way to hold common toiletry items in a simple, practical, way. The final product should be usable, and small enough to conveniently fit in a small area. 



A common implementation of this idea is to hold a razor, brush, and bowl, making up a traditional shaving kit. I mimicked the idea, but with items that I myself use more frequently, a modern razor and a comb. 



The first version of this razor holder accomplished my goal of a compact, usable design, but was not a good design for 3D printing. It included a high-volume, solid base, and tall, narrow vertical components. The base would have taken a long time to print, and the vertical components run a higher risk of not properly printing because of their dimensions. 

I was then inspired by another take on the razor holder, one much more suitable for 3D printing. When rotated onto its front or back face, the holder can be printed with minimal need for supports, and less risk of misprinting. 



I created a two part holding device intended for a razor and a comb. The left, taller side, has two arms which are designed to support the razor around where the handle connects to the head. It was measured around a standard size Gillette razor. The right side has a pair of holes designed to hold combs. The hole is vertically aligned through the two layers, so combs will remain approximately vertical. 



This project taught me an important lesson in designing with the production process in mind. I also learned that orienting a part in the slicer for easier printing allows you to create designs that are impossible or difficult to print in other orientations. I would also like to thank Professor Larson for her inspiration and guidance from my first design to my final. 

Inspiration for the second, and final, Razor Holder
Rnbarret 3dprinter i2.thumb
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