Research: Real Life First Person Shooter

Made by Lucy Tan

Take a look at media installations.

Created: December 1st, 2015


Real Life First Person Shooter is a video produced by RealmPictures, an indie filmmaking group based in the UK. One person took on the role of the player character in a first person shooter, and using the camera mounted on their helmet, took people across the world on an adventure.

Though not a traditional media installation, Real Life First Person Shooter combined video, audience input, and acting to create an interesting experience for the random people who were luckily enough to encounter it on Chatroulette, and also makes for a fun video to watch. It was a video game, but not at all like what I would traditionally expect one to be like. The reduction of the controls to simple spoken commands also simplifies the game, so people can enjoy the ride rather than focus too much on the mechanics.

As for critique, I think the group did wonderfully with the game. I wish it wasn’t as linear, and that there were more ways to pass the obstacles that appeared, but I understand why they made those decisions (most first person shooters are fairly linear, plus it's much easier for all the actors involved to minimize branching paths). 

My group’s project for interplay drew sort on the idea of having participants guide part of the narrative, though the journey itself wasn’t particularly varied. The idea of having the audience direct the performer wasn’t something that occurred to us then, but it could be an interesting aspect of the next project.  
Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)
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