Created: February 18th, 2015


Smart Studio Space Concept: 

In studio spaces there are tools, objects, and supplies that need to be shared, organized, cleaned, and restocked on a very regular basis. With a large number of shared users, the relationships around these environment and objects could be better mediated with an Internet of Things system. To that end, we have conceptualized a system that would address some of these issues. resOURce Smart Studio System includes trackers for missing shared tools, sensors that can measure material levels and sensors that monitor what spaces are occupied, as well as their ambient noise levels. Queues can be collected and monitored in real-time via the resOURce smartphone app, allowing students to plan ahead for more efficient group and individual work. 

The resOURce Smart Studio Space currently includes three prototypes: 

1.  Occupancy Status Sensors: monitors how many people enter/exit a room and displays count on smartphone app.  These sensors also use microphones to measure noise levels in order to inform students if they should make the trek to study in the studio, or if it's currently an animal house. In a future rendition of the app, users could also reserve meeting rooms to plan ahead for group projects. The app would then reflect that the room is booked.  

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2.  Utilities Check-Out System for Shared Tools: monitors when shared tools are checked in or out, using bluetooth tags attached to the tools themselves. These are stored in a connected cabinet that can sense who has checked out what tool, and notify the appropriate moderator when tools have been missing for too long. App users can check the status of tools via the resOURce smartphone app in order to see what tools are available, or who has checked tools out if there are any missing.  

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3.  Refill Monitoring for Shared Supplies: uses weight sensors in a smart cabinet to monitor the levels of general supplies necessary to any studio, such as whiteboard markers, post-it notes, sharpies, foamcor, and more! When levels are getting too low, a studio administrator is notified via email that it is time to order refills. Students can check the levels of general supplies via the resOURce app before depending on these general supplies for their next project meeting.

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Project Documentation: 

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Next Steps: 

There are some logical additions to the resOURce Smart Studio System that would help to flesh out the concept for future use.  These items include: 

-  Smart Whiteboards that can capture images of what's on them and allow others to interact at a distance.

-  Remote tracking for printer queues via the app.  It would be very convenient to know the wait time for shared resources like 3D printers, large format printers, or laser cutters in a studio space. 

-  Add a fingerprint scanner to our supplies cabinet for easy access and personal accountability.