Reworking a Creative proj

Made by mdemko

Rework an earlier project in the semester

Created: November 29th, 2016


Option 1: I'd like to return to an earlier assignment with twine as a required material where we wanted to construct some sort of space divider. The twine would run vertically in closely packed lines, but bend forward varying distances like a mold showing the features of a face. Perhaps in the shape of Hunt's face, it will convey the feeling of being trapped and enhance the feeling of isolation that comes with extended periods of study in the library. It's an experiment to see how exaggeration and extremism alter perception of an unchanged action.


Option 2: I'd redo my work titled "Paul Klee's Front Lawn", increase the scale of the project into a 6 ft tall, proportionally wide screen with elements that can be moved by hand. The original work conveys a sense of unleashing the imagination and hidden corners of the artist's mind. This artistic expression is done at the artist's own risk so it's interesting to explore those aspects of the artistic mind being manipulated, even if done so jokingly.

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Rework an earlier project in the semester