Rotatable Earbud Holder

Made by yiwen

A first earbud holder for users to strip out their earbuds right away from a rotatable rod.

Created: December 5th, 2018



Student cannot live without music and audio during school life. When stressed, on the way to class, eating alone, studying from youtube in studios, we need to listen to the music or audio material via our earbuds. However, it is hard to keep earbuds safe and organized in space. Therefore, I am solving such a problem that would help organize our earbuds a little bit. My motivation is that good quality of audio/ music are usually requested by students, so that keeping these expensive good quality earbuds safe and organized make it important for students. However, the earbud holder are just not as user-friendly as what the users expect it to be. Also, owning a earbud holder and hold a earbuds when they are not used permeates an organized style of life through the most used object in students daily activity, thus indicating the students to be organized in other subjects as well. My goal is to make a little, pretty, user-friendly earbud holder that students would be willing to use and would like to relate emotionally to it.


There are 3 major types of earbud holder in the market accessible for students.

Cord Wrap

This type of earbud holder is cheap and small. However, it does not offer protection for the earbuds, which is under risk to rub against other objects in a student’s compact bag. Also, this cheap unappealing appearance would hardly convey a sense of aesthetic elegant life-style or an emotional connection.

Earbud Pocket

This pocket obviously does not have the organizing functionality. It is simply another little bag for a earbud and the earbuds can still get entangled in the bag.

Earbud Container

This is the most usual and mostly used earbud container. It keeps the earbud organized at one place. However, it is a little bit hard for students to get it back straight and ready to use. I can bring this design to a next level.

Aesthetic Inspiration

I have thought about how to make it the most easy for students to organize their earbuds when they don’t need it and have it ready to use when they need it. One day I saw the toilet paper holder, on which the toilet paper rotates freely on a rod. I think I can incorporate this design into a earbud holder, such that the earbud can rotate freely on a rod as well. Students can simply drag the end of a earbud and get it out of a container. When they store their earbuds, they can take some time rotate it back onto the rod and put it back into the container, just as what they normally do with other earbud container.