Scotty Salt and Pepper Shakers

Made by Noah Alexandroff

Created: December 8th, 2017



Ever since I was little, my mother collected salt and pepper shakers. In my dining room, she has a big cabinet full of all of them, and always is looking to add something new to her collection. 



My mom is severely lacking in regards to her collection of CMU gear. I figured that a Scotty Dog is the most iconic CMU item ever, so I would combine her love for salt and pepper shakers with her lack of Tartan items and create these shakers.


Process + Procedure

I created these shakers in Fusion 360. I imported a picture of a Scotty Dog and sketched it in a 2-D plane. I then used different extrusions and cutting tools to shape my creation from a very rigid block with the shape of a Scotty Dog on the side, to a more fluid, dog-looking creature. 



Detail what you created. What methods or techniques did you use? What tools and technologies were involved? Include images, code or video.

I printed these salt and pepper shakers using a NVBot 3-D Printer. I initially printed the shakers from the paws up, and was greeted with an error message saying my print could not be completed because the layers wouldn't stick to the base. After a discussion with Professor Larson, I realized that I needed to have more surface area on the base of the print. 

I cut the objects in half in Fusion 360 and laid them on their sides so that the print would be possible. I then ripped off the supports and super glued the two sides together for each shaker.



Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently?

I learned that the way you submit your file to be printed is very important in regards to how the resulting product that is printed. If I were to make this again, I might add some sort of CMU logo or crest on the side because the sides of the shaker are pretty boring.


Collaboration or Attribution

I would like to thank Professor Larson for taking the time out of her day to assist me with the problems I encountered while creating this product.


Include process photos and files in your portfolio too.

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