Skill Investigation: Sewing a bag

Made by Ashlesha Dhotey

I wanted to make a bag with all the skills I learned from the soft fabrication class.

Created: February 19th, 2018



I wanted to make a bag of all the sewing skills I learned from Soft Fab Skills.

It all started with sketching and thinking about which type of bag should I attempt.



First, I started conceptualizing the dimensions of the bag. The bag type is- a small weekender tote bag.

I drew out all the parts that I would need. I also referred some online material to understand the material properties (faux leather) and how they could affect the dimension of my bag.

Cut all the faux leather parts and then the fabric. Attached part to make the outside of the bag and the inner lining. Stitched the faux leather part together from the inside out and then flipped it.  Similarly, I stitched the lining inside out and flipped it. Placed the lining inside the faux leather bag and stitched them together at the outer rim of the bag. Then stitched the straps together and attached them to the bag. I made a mistake of stitching the straps incorrectly, but that turned out to be a fun concept.



Detail what you created. What methods or techniques did you use? What tools and technologies were involved? Include images, code or video.



I learned a lot from this project and now have a greater appreciation for bag making. I wish I had stitched the straps between the lining and the faux leather part to make it look cleaner and more professional. This project gave me the confidence to approach prototyping types of bags for my thesis project. This project and the skills learned in this class will also help me prototype my ideas and blue sky concepts revolving soft goods and help me make them a reality.


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I wanted to make a bag with all the skills I learned from the soft fabrication class.