Skills Dev 1

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Completion of Skills Dev 1

Created: December 18th, 2023

  1. The process you underwent to reach the outcome (problems encountered, how you resolved them, as well as, experiments, hacks, tests, refinments, iterations, failures)

Going through the process, putting together the circut and then choosing to do the else if statements were not complicated. I went through the trial and error process of putting together the code and then flashing it to the device. If it flashed successfully I evaluated if it did the correct order of processes. If it resulted in an error when flashing, I evaluated the error and made corrections.

I was able to do all the exercises except for the second exercise related to using the cloud. I could not figure out how to change the string passed in from HIGH or LOW to a number of times to flash. I kept receiving errors related to type of int. 

I left the code in the zip provided on what I had tried.

  1. A short personal reflection, next steps and future directions.

Overall, this was a fun exercise to step into working with the device and the cloud. Next steps would be to further evaluate how to pass non string types in to go future actions with numbers of times I want a program to run.

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Completion of Skills Dev 1