Skills Dev I: A Simple Internet Appliance - pgt

Made by pgomezte

Created: November 2nd, 2022


Based on the lab from last Thursday, I built a circuit board using the Argon Particle, 1 LEDs and 2 wires. 

After completing the setup, I connected my Argon to my home WiFi using the Particle app on my mobile phone.

Circuit board is shown below


The code shown below connects the device to the cloud, where the user (me) can direct the Argon to turn the light on and off with two commands: HIGH and LOW. High will turn the LED light on and Low will turn the LED light off

// name the pins
int ledPin = D2;

void setup() {

   // Configure the pins to be outputs
   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

   // Initialize both the LEDs to be OFF
   digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

   //Register our Particle function here
   Particle.function("led", ledControl);

void loop() {


int ledControl(String command)
   int state = LOW;

   // find out the state of the led
   if(command == "HIGH"){
	   state = HIGH;
   }else if(command == "LOW"){ 
	   state = LOW;
	   return -1;

   // write to the appropriate pin
   digitalWrite(ledPin, state);
   return 1;
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Using the cloud console from particle (screenshot below), I can call the device to turn the light on. The image below shows the result of such command


Using the same command line, but typing LOW allows me to turn the LED light off.