Skills Investigation

Made by Eve Adami

Created: March 11th, 2018



My main goal of this skills investigation is to sew a skirt made from old jeans. Through this project I hope to refine my sewing machine skills and learn how to solve problems and challenges as they come up on my machine. 


To begin I had to find a pair of jeans that fit my waist to use as the base pair. After this I cut pieces from other pairs of jeans and sewed them on to this base pair as I went. Halfway through the process, as I tried on the skirt I realized that I did not pick a good starting pair (the skirt was way too big) so I decided to try to alter it rather than starting over. This worked out okay but it would have been better if I had altered the skirt before I had already sewed on other pieces of denim. 

At first my sewing machine was not working but I used skills learned in class to investigate what could be wrong and found that the bobbin was not threaded correctly. Also, part way through the process the needle on my sewing machine broke, most likely because I was trying to sew through three layers of denim, and that was too much for the machine to handle. Unfortunately, I did not have another needle so I had to continue by hand.