soft proposal and sample book

Made by diane

Created: March 8th, 2018



The intention of this project is to make something soft and appreciable. Specifically, to bring a temporary, outdoor plant indoors via fabrication (where it can stay forever)



Partially inspired by a stuffed fresh produce toy set I saw at target the other day, the plan was to make a common item personal. In this case i am proposing to make a three dimensional life size plant garden for my flowerpot to replace the plants that had died. This would also hopefully deter me from going out to buy more plants. My current plan is to create flowers such as weeds and dandelions out of fabric. they are actually a pretty fascinating plant but we have grown accustomed to taking them for granted, or as undesirable weeds. Perhaps this project will convince myself and others to stop and appreciate these things a little bit more. 



I will be using colorful, inexpensive fabrics such as felt and pipe cleaners, and any scraps I can find a use for. All the pieces will be secured together by hand stitching. 



Coming in with a minimal foundation of sewing and circuitry knowledge, I have learned a lot from this micro course. I wonder how I can apply the hand made skills I learned from this course in my future projects, and hope to further push my abilities as a maker through more practice and experience. 


Sample Book