Soothing Dinosaur

Jurassic Synth

Made by Brian Walsh


Created: December 1st, 2014


Soothing Composition: 

Title - Soothing Dinosaur

Process - I began by altering both shapes in the oscillator, as well as turning vibrato all the way up. What I was aiming on doing was emulating the sound of a horn. In my filter environment, I had the Att a little forward, causing a slow crescendo for each note. This made some of the staccato in the composition difficult.

To combat the really obnoxious noises my filter was making when I increased the resonance, I turned ENV all the way up, and to accentuate the noise of each note, I increased the volume to the max. Also, to emphasize the horn sound, I increased velocity to give it the feel of someone blowing on a mouthpiece.


Percussion Composition:

Title - Aggressive Percussion

Process - To start, I changed shape one in the oscillator; this made a loud noise that was harsh and sounded like a symbol. I then proceeded to limit the Att on the filter and the AMP. I had three different percussion synths, though the other two sounded like regular instruments.


UFO Composition:

Title - Close Encounter

Process - This was the most interesting process. I made three different synths, each with a consecutively higher resonance in the filter. I had the attack very slow, to emphasize the suspense of a UFO. I also increased vibrato to give it an alien feeling.



I commented on 

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