Stage Blood Innovation/Soft Fabrication Mini

Made by ckruege1

Replace stage blood with a cleaner and more efficient alternative

Created: December 11th, 2017




Stage blood can be challenging when dealing with dryclean only clothes, especially rentals. And usually it doesn't show up to the audience in the back of the house unless the actor is soaked in blood.

I want to create gloves, and a chest piece, that would glow when the blood was cued. The glow would ‘drip’ downward. The light making it visible with no cleaning necessary.



Lining, protect the actor’s hands

Neopixels, provide the light

Diffusion, spread the light evenly so it glows without LED spots

Shell, make the glove look clean


Alternative Uses

Ideally the gloves would be controlled by a gemma. The sequence of ‘dripping’ blood would be triggered by the actor placing their thumb between their middle and ring finger. This would complete a circuit with the conductive fabric on the sides of the finger. The sequence’s timing would be adjusted to suit the director. It would also be in sync with a separate component wherever the wound occurred on the actor to look as if the blood/light came through the shirt and then stained the gloves.

This technology could also be incorporated as a scenic element. When the glove touches a piece of scenery the neo pixels embedded in the scenery leave a mark. Or more in-sync piece on other actors so the glove could activate the smearing of other’s clothes.



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Replace stage blood with a cleaner and more efficient alternative