succulent pot

Made by Jenny Zhang

Created: October 17th, 2017



I wanted to start a succulent collection, and what better first succulent pot than one I made myself? 



A theme in my work is the beauty in minimalism, which is why mine is so simple. I wanted a thicker rim, but overall small pot for a baby succulent. 



I looked to pinterest for a lot of my inspiration in this one. Yet, again, I ran into the same process of not being able to find a design I really liked - so I ended up creating something that I gained inspiration from, but made it my own. 

After moving my design to pen and paper, I went to Fusion. Going into Fusion, I transferred a lot of the skills I learned in the lampshade project, and applied the, here which was really helpful.

Finally, after making it, I sent it to the printer and waited for the project to be printed.



As I mentioned earlier, I applied a lot of the skills I learned in the lampshade project, to my Fusion file for this succulent potter. 



Although, extremely costly, I learned that iterating is such an important and necessary part of the design thinking process. Thus, if there was some cost efficient way to iterate and create different versions of the project, I think that would have really helped to make a more refined project. 

But, at the same time, it is because you are limited in your iterations with this project that you face the challenge of really being precise and sure with every decision and every step.

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