After finding two museums closed when I visited, I finally made it

Made by Brian Walsh

Created: October 21st, 2014


The realistic art piece that drew me in was Hold to me by Joana Ricou. To me, this imagery displayed our fractured minds and altering egos. The use of lines and fracturing the picture draws the eyes to darker spaces, accentuating parts of the photo that when internalized separately are differently interpreted.


Hold to me, Joana Ricou

For my abstract piece, I chose Connectionism is the Hoola-Hoop of the Eighties by David Plaut. It used lines and circles from glass to display how neurons connect to each other in the human mind to form a grid serving one purpose. By using overlapping lines, Plaut plays with 3 dimensions on the 2 dimensional space quite simply. These lines particularly drew my attention, as it was interesting for me to see how they wove their way through to their respective circles. Additionally, when my eye focused on the center, and I restrained myself from viewing the rest, the picture seemed to wobble; though this may not have been an intention of the artist, it was interesting to me nonetheless.


Connectionism is the Hoola-Hoop of the Eighties, David Plaut

These two art pieces differ in that one uses a strict geometry, while the other implements curves and the real world structure of the human form.