The Mind of an Engineer

Logical Pontification

Made by Brian Walsh

The circuit of the mind that guides us.

Created: November 7th, 2014


Curatorial Statement:

Working with an area of art that blurs the line between technology and art, photography, I have sought in this artwork a way to express the inner workings of our minds as similar to machines which we ourselves create. Engineers are artists in their own respects, as they create objects in ways that emulate the word around them, and how they interpret that. The overall goal of this piece was to express the need in our society for qualitative studies like art, and likewise the need for quantitative studies such as Computer Science and engineering: they go hand in hand more than people would like to think. When artists and engineers collaborate, they create beautiful and creative things. It is an astounding thing that many people in both fields never get to experience, and I think it is a mindset at the very core of IDeATe.


I use microsoft paint. As my roommate stated, it was "OG". Why not use photoshop? I have had too busy of a semester to re-familiarize myself with it and truly devote myself to becoming masterful with it. Thankfully, I stuck to more geometric art, which proved to be strong earlier in the module with my line compositions.

To get the outline for the head, I used my own profile. The entire composition used lines. Though it may not seem it, they are stacked on each other, a style I like to use in MS paint, as it is more precise than the brush methods (save the spray paint function).



When I photographed my profile, I hated the way I looked (per usual), but upon blacking out my face, I realized that without the things which I felt self-concious of, the shape of my head seemed very normal to me. This is further proof that people in less social and more quantitative classes find themselves overly critical of their own bodies, but maybe that's just me. Personally, I would have wished to display a way to express the superfluous nature of self-consciousness when what we should use to measure ourselves is our own definitions of success, and though I could be super self-conscious of this assignment, I find that beyond it being a very basic compositions, I think I put enough effort and thought into every line that I can say it came together well despite its technological difficulties (among time management, etc.).

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The circuit of the mind that guides us.