The She Wolf

Made by Di Wang

I reproduced "the She Wolf" by Jackson Pollock by animating it with a stress on motion and vivid colors.

Created: September 5th, 2016



I am interested in the idea of using lines and shapes of different colors to convey emotions, which is a theme in Pollock's artworks. Therefore I animated "the She-Wolf" and added more lines to it. I would like to see and study how that would affect the original artwork.



Jackson Pollock was an influential and major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He is notable for his well-known drip painting, where instead of using easel and brush, he used the force of his body to paint on large canvases. His abstract style is partly influenced by Lee Krasner, his wife, Janet Sobel, a Ukrainian American artist who pioneered all-over painting, the Great Depression, and World War II.



Overall the artwork invokes a sense of sadness, horror, grief, and ruthlessness. Drawn in heavy black and white lines, the wolf advances leftward. Her body is overlaid with abstract lines and patches, a thick, unreadable calligraphy that spreads throughout the canvas. The rather unitary grey background forms a stark contrast to the chaotic mix of colors in the center. The chaotic mix of paint creates a sense of despair and savageness, whereas the uniform background strengthens the ominous tone. They reflect the climate of a period shadowed by war.



I used Adobe Photoshop to modify the image. I created multiple images, each with small differences, and then combined them into a gif using Photoshop.



My product is an animation with four different slides. The first slide is the original artwork. 

The second slide is the one on which I spend most of my time. The wolf's legs changed position, in order for it to appear walking. There are more red lines in its body, symbolizing its savageness. A small detail is that its eye is enlarged, which is not immediately obvious but would emphasize the wolf's discreet behavior. 

The third and fourth slides are similar to the second. The third slide contains one red contour around it. I intended to use the similar paint method as Pollock did, but due to constraints in the digital media, it did not quite fit into the rest of the picture as expected. The fourth slide is one more yellow layer based on the third one.

The four slides are played in an infinite loop. 



My recreation did try to imitate Pollock's style of abstract expressionism by adding red and yellow shapes. I also successfully created patches of black, blue and white on the bottom right corner.

However, because I am not experienced in drawing digitally, the strokes that I added are not quite similar to those in the original artwork. I think the lesson that I learned is to get more familiarized with digital media in the near future. As a more capable artist, I would be able to deal with the nuances in the image, and create more conforming re-creations.

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I reproduced "the She Wolf" by Jackson Pollock by animating it with a stress on motion and vivid colors.