Trombone Holder

Made by nvcastel

Create a wall mount that supports a trombone and is renter friendly.

Created: October 18th, 2018


Problem Identified

I often spend time transcribing music when I practice, and as such, I often need to put down and pick up my trombone. It would then help to have a place to put it that makes this easier. Additionally, being able to leave my trombone out without laying it on the ground serves as a nice reminder to get to practicing without leaving it on the floor. Finally, being able to leave it on display would be nice!



I looked a lot at existing projects and stands on the market. And initially had plans to create a stand placed on the ground. This changed after I started creating designs, and figured it would be a nice way to differentiate the project by creating a wall mount instead. Some class projects also influenced the design. Most notably, the items passed around created by stacking many sheets of laser cut material.



I started by measuring various aspects of my trombone, including height, weight, and bell radius to figure out how far out from the wall it needed to be held, and how much weight needed to be supported. I then went into Fusion360 and created a model of the final form, using a cone on the end to allow for easier placement on to the mount as well as holding it to the mount. Finally, I laser cut plywood in the form of the stand and 3D printed the cone to hold it on.



The major challenge was how to support the weight (10lbs). Because not only did it need to support the weight, it needed to be able to do so while hanging from command strips. Meaning it had be light and secure. It also had to be worth it, so easier to use than putting the horn down. As such, I went with a design of a wood T that is held up by command strips, with a cone on the end to facilitate both guiding the horn into place and keeping it there, as well as a 


Strengths and Weaknesses

It functions! It successfully holds up the instrument and does so without risk of the hard or sharp surfaces contacting the bell! However, it is also not portable, it is limited to where the command strips are set up. Additionally it relies on the wall and floor to support some weight of the horn. Finally, it is pretty simplistic in terms of design and could use more focus on form.


Finished Project



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Create a wall mount that supports a trombone and is renter friendly.