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A multi purpose vase

Created: December 5th, 2017



I wanted to make a holder that I can use for more than just a grade for a final project. I was deciding between an ear ring holder I can give away to someone or something for myself. Since I love succulents of all sizes, I decided upon a vase – something, in this case, that will hold a small flower and compliments the color. 



I brainstormed for a little and looked through google images to find a shape that is appealing. I didn't want to sculpt something too intricate out of fear that it would not fit in with the rest of my items on my shelf. 


Process + Procedure

I imported a canvas and used the spline and line tool to make the initial sketch. After revolving the sketch, I thickened it and shelled the body, in order to have a roughly 3mm lip.

Before exporting as an STL file, I put some finishing touches on it – foiling the edges and smoothing out and other rough patches. 



Canvas, Sketch, Model – revolve, loft and foil, NVBots



This class and this project has taught me that with a little patience and creativity it is possible to trace a lot of objects using canvases, and utilizing symmetry. In the end, that's what led to both of my final projects and I am pleased with the outcome.  


Collaboration or Attribution

Shoutout to Austin Arthur Lin for helping me brainstorm 


Include process photos and files in your portfolio too.

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A multi purpose vase