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Created: October 9th, 2017



For this project, the goal was to create a 3D object that is capable of holding other objects. I decided to create a pen/pencil holder. The holder was designed to specifically hold 6 of my favorite type of pencil, and 4 of my favorite type of pen. I made a large hole in the center to hold miscellaneous office supplies, such as a pair of scissors. 

I hope to use this object on my dorm room desk.



I have a similar pen/pencil holder currently, but it just one big jar that holds everything. I figured that I could be more organized by building a holder designed to specifically carry my favorite types of pens and pencils.



For this project, I started by initially measuring the diameter of my pens and pencils with a caliper. From here, I rounded up the size of the diameter to give the pens/pencils a little extra wiggle room in their holes. 

I then created a sketch in Fusion360, extruded the sketch, and exported it as an STL file.

From here, I used Zortrax to upload my STL files and arranged them on the 3D printing platform. I set the print options to medium infill and high quality. I then borrowed an SD card from the lending desk, exported my files onto the SD card, and printed the files on the Zortrax M200 machine.

Initially, I had issues extruding the holes for the pens/pencils. So I ultimately had to extrude the initial cylinder, and then from here I created a pattern and extruded the holes for the pens/pencils as well as the hollow core.



To create my pen/pencil holder, I designed the object in Fusion360. I then used a Zortrax M200 printer to 3D print my object. For more details on the printing process, see the "Process" heading above.



While the pencils fit well into their respective holes, I should have made the pen holes slightly larger. The pens certainly fit into their respective holes, but the fit is tighter than I wanted it to be.

Aside from that, it was extremely cool to see my design in Fusion360 come to life in the 3D printer. I will also be sure to print my jobs earlier in the future since both my and Deepak's jobs took a combined 40 hours to print.

Five professional photos of my pen/pencil holder are below.

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