Yaar Tha Gulzar Tha

An Accidental Auditory Experience

Made by Abhishek Tayal

Created: November 17th, 2014


I pretty much started from scratch from my first recording, using nothing more than the same Urdu Poem.

I wrote a melody using the Urdu Poem as lyrics and have recorded the first verse of the same in the CFA Sound Room. The Tracks Are:

Percussion: A friend of mine played the Djembe for the Percussion Track. Besides minor timing corrections and a light Reverb, this track is largely untouched.

Rhythm Guitar: Recorded In Stereo. Otherwise untouched.

Lead Guitar: Extensive Pedals and Amps. Light Reverb.

Bass: A friend of mine played a simple Bass Line on a MIDI Keyboard. Timing & Note Corrections done.

Lead Vocals: Extensive Pitch Correction. Somewhat Heavy Reverb. Equalised to find Formants.

Backup Vocals: Extensive Pitch Correction. Very Wide Chorus Effect. Equalised to find Formants.