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There are various things wrong about this comparison, though at first glance it appears that the Big Mac is "better" as intended.

First of all, the serving sizes are not scaled properly (though it isn't shown), the graph is according to Big Mac's 214 gram serving size, so the values are already lower to begin with.

However, we also don't account for the differences between grams and milligrams. Note that cholesterol and sodium are measured in terms of mg whereas everything is in terms of g, which is also factually incorrect, because everything is scaled to look like grams, so milligrams should be minuscule.

Looking at just McDonald's, the circles are also scaled incorrectly.

There are 29 g of total fat (navy) and 9 g of total sugar (pink), yet the circles are nearly the same size--if anything, pink is actually larger. Also comparing cholesterol (green) and sodium (purple), cholesterol is only 75 mg and sodium is 1040 mg, so the green circle should be super tiny, or the purple circle should be huge, but they are off scale.

The entire graph is filled with precisely (but incorrectly) scaled circles, there are many more intentional inconsistencies.

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